PRODUCT PROFILE - PayPoint Taximeter

This taximeter was designed in South Africa to meet all legal requirements for such devices and to provide:

1. Easy installation 
2. Ease of use
3. Security for owner and driver
4. Durability and reliability
5. Styling compatible with all vehicles


The meter comes in a kit with all necessary wiring and accessories for installation. All connections are made using a 5-way screw-type connector block. Connection to the meter itself is by means of RJ-45 telephone type connectors and flat cable which is unobtrusive, easily concealed and durable. The taximeter is mounted in a suitable position, easily visible to the client, by means of high-quality self-adhesive 'Velcro' strips. The meter comes ready to program, with no special equipment or "dongles" being required. Calibration of the meter to measure distance travelled by the vehicle is achieved by driving the vehicle over a standard distance (kilometre/mile) with the meter set on the appropriate programming step. The meter counts the pulses generated by the distance sensor over the standard distance and this number is then directly entered into the correct position.


Pressing the "Hire" button starts the fare with the 'flag-fall' amount. The fare increments on a 'time' basis if the vehicle is stationary or 'distance' basis if moving. To end the fare, the "Stop" button and then the "Hire" button are pressed to display the amount to pay. A press of the "Stop" button then returns the taximeter to the "For Hire" condition.

The user can access totals of unpaid and paid distances travelled, number of trips and total fares paid on a 'shift' (resettable) and 'accumulated' (non-resettable) basis.


A 'drivers PIN' can be entered by the installer and the taximeter will then not function as a taximeter after start-up until the correct PIN has been entered. If the driver is not the owner, then an 'owners PIN' can be entered by the installer to prevent the shift totals from being reset unless the owners PIN is entered first.

The "Velcro" mounting strips allow the meter to be easily fixed in the service position or removed. This, together with the simple insert/remove facility allowed by the RJ-45 connectors, allows the taximeter to be removed for security when the taxi is not in service.

The taximeter displays its serial number every time it starts up so that a meter reported stolen can easily be recognised.


The taximeter circuit board and components are well supported and enclosed in a robust powder-coated metal case. Any failure in service is analysed and wherever possible the design modified to eliminate the cause. The current design has shown a failure rate of well under 1% per year.


The *slim case combined with the unobtrusive cord and connector make it easy to find a suitable place to mount the taximeter in most vehicles. In some cases, a simple bracket serves to provide a flat surface for mounting in the most convenient position to be seen by the driver and passenger(s).

*Overall dimensions:- 185mm x 50mm x 19mm; Mass = 250g (73 x 2 x H in. = 9 oz)